For those who progress beyond our Level 3 lessons, and who wish to remain in swimming, MAC’s provides Mini Squad sessions every evening.  In addition to Minisquads we also offer Prep Squad for differing levels & aspirations.


Mini Squad sessions cater for a wide range of needs including swimming for fitness, swimming to supplement other aquatic sports (surf life saving, surfing, and water polo), and preparation for competitive swimming at a swimming club.

Minisquad Objectives

Endurance - learning to control technique of all 4 strokes at different intensities and
- Learning to control pace for optimal performance & fitness gains
Skills – Improving speed in turns, starts and push-offs
- Using the pace clock to swim repetitions
Butterfly – developing underwater speed and correct technique for longer duration.


Sessions run every weekday afternoon at the following times:


Monday 5pm – 6pm


Tuesday 5pm – 6pm


Wednesday 5pm – 6pm


Thursday 5pm – 6pm


Friday 5pm – 6pm


Fees: $165 per school term (1 x session per week)

Prep Squad

Prep Squad is for those who wish to improve their swimming fitness and technique and work towards joining a competitive swimming programme. Swimmers must be Level 3 or Mini Squad level to join and swim the Saturday morning Prep Squad session in addition to their existing session. Swimmers will learn medley turns and will develop race starts as well as improving their technique and endurance on all strokes.

 Prep Squad is held on Saturday mornings.

Prep Squad Swimming Sessions
Saturday 8:30am - 10am

Fees: $235 per school term which is inclusive of both swimming sessions. 

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