After School Program


  • 5 swimmers per group at all levels
  • 30 minute lessons
  • Progressive and planned program from new babies right through to advanced swimmers
  • No other lessons or children playing at the time of lessons.  
  • Private lessons of 1:1 or 1:2 available for 20 minutes.
  • Consistency is important to learning so we try very hard to keep you with the same teacher from term to term.
  • 32 deg water temperature at all times.


School Aged Beginner (5yrs+)

This program caters for children aged 5yrs + who are either not happy under the water or are unable to float independently. The aims of this level are to firstly develop confidence in the child both in and under the water, to develop children’s understanding of balance and buoyancy in the water through flotation skills, and to develop a straight legged kick for propulsion.

*Transition (4yrs+)

This group caters for children who are ready to swim in our deep pool without a parent in the water. Children are able to confidently swim 4-5metres in a streamlined position with reasonable kicking technique on front. On their back, children can kick with a board and can float independently without aids. Aims for this level are to transition parents out of the pool, ensuring children are emotionally ready and are safe in the water without parental support. We aim to teach the children how to kick on front and back with efficient technique, how to roll over from front to back and how to do basic freestyle arm actions with an aid. Breaststroke kick is also introduced.

*Intermediate (5yrs +)

This level focuses on teaching children a perfect arm stroke both with and without aids. Children also learn how to stroke and roll over onto their back to take a breath (in preparation for learning breathing technique.) Breaststroke kick is also a focus.

*Advanced (5yrs+)

This level is for children who are ready to learn side breathing. This is also our final level here at Bumble Bees. Often this is a very difficult stage for children as side breathing is a complicated process. Also, children are taught full backstroke without aids and full breaststroke. By the time children leave our program here they can consistently swim 7 metres of freestyle and backstroke and have the base knowledge of how to do full breaststroke.


Once children finish the Advanced level they are ready to progress up to a 20 metre pool at 54 Wickham St, Bromley. This is the  MAC’s program which is line with our Advanced Level so the transition to the bigger pool is easier. This program is a complete progression on from Bumble Bees and children are given the opportunity to swim 20 metres straight away.

* Parents not required in the water in these groups. Note: Transition class does begin with parents in water, but “transitions” parents out of the water within the term.


Term 1

Monday 5th February - Saturday 13th April

  •  No lessons on Waitangi Day (Tuesday 6th February)
  •  No lessons on Good Friday / Saturday / Monday for Easter (Friday 29th March / Saturday 30th March / Monday 1st April)
Term 2

Monday 29th April - Saturday 6th July

  • No lessons on Kings Birthday Weekend (Saturday 1st June / Monday 3rd June)
  • No Lessons on Anzac Day (Tuesday 25th April)
Term 3
Monday 22nd July - Saturday 28th September
Term 4

Saturday 12th October - Monday 18th December  

  •  No lessons on Labour Weekend (Saturday 26th October / Monday 28th October)
  • No Lessons over show weekend (Friday 15th November / Saturday 16th November)



January Holiday Program
Monday 22nd January - Friday 26th January
April Holiday Program

Monday 22nd April - Friday 26th April

July Holiday Program

Monday  15th July - Friday 19th July

October Holiday Program

Monday 7th October - Friday 11th October


Proposed Times For Next Term

Monday 4.30pm  Jo
Wednesday 5pm  Simone
Thursday 4pm Tracey
Saturday 4pm Ava
Monday 4pm Jo
Tuesday 3.30pm Sasha
Wednesday 4pm Simone
Thursday 4.30pm / 5pm Tracey
Friday 10am Rachel
Saturday 12pm Jo
Monday 3.30pm / 5pm /  5.30pm Jo
Tuesday 4pm  Tracey
Wednesday 4.30pm Simone
Thursday 5.30pm Tracey
Friday 4pm Sasha
Saturday 1.30pm Ava
Tuesday 5.30pm Tracey
Wednesday 3.30pm / 5.30pm / 6pm Simone
Thursday 3.30pm Tracey
Friday 3.30pm  Sasha
Monday 3pm or 3.10pm Jo
Monday 6pm / 6.20pm / 6.40pm Jo
Tuesday 4.30pm / 4.50pm / 5.10pm / 6.00pm / 6.20pm / 6.40pm Tracey
Wednesday 12.00 / 12.20pm / 12.40pm / 3pm Tee
Wednesday 3pm or 3.10pm Simone
Thursday 9.10am Myrrine
Thursday 2pm / 2.20pm / 2.40pm Simone
Thursday 6pm / 6.20pm / 6.40pm Tracey
Saturday 8am / 8.20am / 8.40am Jo



Information and Conditions

Catch up / Holiday policy

We do not offer catch ups for missed lessons OR reduce fee costs due to families going away on holiday.  We run with the school terms so have 10 weeks of operation and 2 weeks of close down where we run Holiday Programs for those interested.  

Cancellation Policy

We do not refund any lessons which may be cancelled after the beginning of term.  We are happy to hold credits in our system for future lessons if cancellations made after the beginning of term are for medical reasons, such as broken bones, grommets, or other serious medical issues which means the swimmer will miss a significant amount of lessons during the term.  A medical certificate may be required. Please be aware of this policy when making bookings.

Want more information, or to book in for lessons?